Building Safety Diagnosis

According to the “Safety Inspection and Precision Safety Diagnosis Guideline” stipulated in Article 13 of the Special Law on Safety Management of Facilities Notified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the building safety diagnosis system is designed to determine the objective conditions by properly specifying necessary items such as implementation method/procedure standard and through appropriate inspection and diagnosis to maintain function and safety of the building, as well as systematize scientific maintenance.

Flow of building safety diagnosis

  • Safety inspection and precision diagnosis

    Periodic Inspection

    Precision Safety Inspection

    Emergency Check (Damage check, special check)

    Precision Safety Diagnosis(Earthquake-proof performance evaluation)

  • Construction Safety Check

    Prepare safety management plan by general and work type

    Regular safety inspection, precise safety inspection and initial inspection

    Safety inspection for facilities that are left for more than one year due to suspension of construction

  • Structural Safety Diagnosis, Inspection

    Safety diagnosis by structural damage, displacement and change

    Fire safety diagnosis

    Remodeling, change of use, safety diagnosis due to expansion

    Court appraisal, diagnosis

Flow of safety diagnosis