Architectural Structure Design

Taking the safety of the building structure as the top priority, the structural design is carried out in
consideration of the physical optimum conditions such as construction cost of the building
and construction cost related to the given conditions.

Basic Plan

  • 01. Basic Plan Review
    Planning and Safety

    - Ensuring structural performance for all loads

    - Ensuring structural safety considering usability

    - Application of basic system based on ground survey

    - Selection of inner lateral force structure system for wind and earthquake

  • 02. Review of Design Criteria
    Construction and Economics

    - Simplification of field work through mechanization and integration

    - Selection of structure type to be applied for construction

    - Securing construction quality by applying new technology and new method

    - Ensuring construction and economic efficiency through optimized design

  • 03. Selection of Structural Type
    Maintenance and Environmental Ability

    - Maintenance and usability through durability improvement

    - Application of structural system with low noise and dust at construction

    - Selection of environment-friendly method to minimize waste

    - Modularization of span and member of framework to minimize construction waste

  • 01Architectural/Contracting State/Design of Optimum Structures that User Satisfies

  • 02Selection of structural system: structural type /structural method and materials /assumption of member framework/selection of foundation type

  • 03Structure Analysis and Calculation : load calculation / modeling / stress calculation / cross section design / deformation, displacement review

  • 04On-site support and structural management : On-site support and structural supervision for stable construction